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WordPress Rocks!

Wordpress logoYes, that’s what my experience has been since I started using the software back in 2008.

And a lot has changed since then.

  • The software has gotten easier and easier to use
  • Using WP as a CMS (Content Management System) no longer requires all kinds of manual hacks
  • The gigantic developer base keeps pumping out new themes, plugins and core software upgrades

To name but a few major advancements.

But every rose has its thorn.

Because of it’s success WordPress has also gotten a lot more attention from hackers. It has given me a nightmare or two, I have to admit. But we have invested so much into this brilliant software, and the software indeed is so brilliant, that rather than quitting I decided to try and beef up our site’s security and at least make breaking into them a little harder.

Nothing is impossible, but I hope that we have at least tried to make it a little harder on automated hack-bots to enter our site to cause havoc.

We’ll see!

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