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Can WooDojo Only Be Used On WooThemes’ Themes?

Today at our office the question popped up whether Woodojo can be used only on WooThemes’ themes, or on any WordPress theme. Thought I’d share the answer I found with you in this blog post.

What Is WooDojo?

WooDojo is a plugin. It adds a collection of new and classic WooThemes features that can easily be installed on your WordPress website with a single click of the mouse. Rather than all of the functionality of a theme being built right into the theme, WooDojo will allow you to have the power of Woo added to any theme you use, including WooThemes’ templates of course.

All of this is a matter of “should” rather than “will”, as some themes may prove to be incompatible with the WooDojo plugin. Incompatibilities are a reality when working with WordPress software, unfortunately.

More information on WooThemes’ website.

WooCommerce - by WooThemes

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