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CBNet Ping Optimizer Plugin Made My MySQL Database Enormous

Just found out that one of my clients’ sites had a 1.2 Gb database for their WordPress site. A little big, eh?

MySQL Database Too Big

I found out because the site’s backup was 1.7 Gb, while last week’s was only 65 Mb. Something fishee going on!

cpanel-disk-space-usage So I dove into my cPanel’s Disk Space Usage and noticed the huge database.

What Made Database So Large?

cpanel-php-my-adminLooking at the database from within PhpMyAdmin I found out that the wp_cbnetpo_ping_optimizer table was the culprit. Thousands of rows and about 1 Gb in size! Ouch!

The CBNet Ping Optimizer plugin had recently been deactivated and removed because it has become obsolete according to its developer. Maybe it had done some sort of dump before deactivating? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

After emptying this table my hosting account was a lot happier. And I suspect my next backup to be of a normal size again. 🙂

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