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Integrate Facebook Into Your Site

There are many tools available to integrate Facebook-related items into your website. You can either check out the free WordPress plugins directory, or check out the overview on Facebook itself.

Plenty of tools to use!

Free WP Plugins

With the free WP plugins directory you do have to watch for several things, though:

  • When was the plugin updated last? Sometimes it’s been years…
  • Is the plugin compatible with the latest WP version? Or do other users say “it’s broken”? (on the right-hand side of those plugin pages)
  • How many people have downloaded these plugins? Unless you really want to be the Guinea pig you better go with plugins that have at least a few thousand downloads, so any comments/questions/reviews of it carry a reasonable weight

These free WordPress plugins are great, but can also break your site because of incompatibility. And sometimes these problems are easily fixed by just disabling the plugin in question, but sometimes the changes are made outside of the plugin itself and merely disabling the plugin won’t solve your problems. So: beware!

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